Our Wellbeing Team

Meet our Wellbeing Team—a squad of accredited behaviourists and trainers, each vetted and assessed before joining Spirit of the Dog Rescue and overseen by our Canine Care Coordinator, Jenna. We’re not just any team; we’re a group of dedicated professionals, committed to providing the highest standard of support for every rescue dog and their families. Our team members come with official stamps of approval, ensuring that the care and guidance they offer are among the best available.

With our Wellbeing Team, you’re getting fun, support, and a wealth of experience, all rolled into one. We focus on enriching the lives of our dogs at every stage—whether they’re finding their feet in kennel care, warming hearts in foster homes, stepping paws into their forever homes, or enjoying their life post-adoption. There’s no challenge too big or small for us; our accredited experts have extensive backgrounds in both rescue and home consultation settings, guaranteeing personalised, holistic care for every wag, whisker, and woof.

At Spirit of the Dog Rescue, we believe in creating joyful journeys and setting a gold standard of care, backed by the best support in the business. Our Wellbeing Team is here to ensure that every dog and their family enjoys a seamless, supportive, and enriching experience, making every moment a memorable one.

Dedicated dog trainers

Fiona – All4Paws

Lorraine – Burnham on Pets

Qualified canine behaviourists

Cierón – CorAnima Behaviour & Wellbeing

Daniella – CorAnima Behaviour & Wellbeing

Jessica – Little & Large Dogs

Daniel – Animal Behaviour Kent

Key volunteers

Jenna – Canine Care Coordinator for Spirit of the Dog Rescue

Francesca – Burnham on Pets

Fear free dog groomers

Mollie – The Dog Salon

Lisa – Groomer on the Crouch

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