Princess & Cyrus

5 days before Christmas 2020 we received a call to say Princess and Cyrus’ owner was leaving her home and would be leaving them both behind. She had tried everything to rehome them but at that time of year, losing her home during a pandemic she hadn’t been able to.

We arrived as quickly as we could but she had already left, a neighbour gave us a key so we went inside.. we had no photos of them and had no idea what we would find but they were waiting and downstairs in the basement area for someone to come back.

Earlier that day they had witnessed everything in their home loaded into their van and felt all of the stress and upset of watching their owner leave, it was less than ideal for them to have to be taken away by strangers in the night. We found waggy tails greeting us at the bottom of the stairs, noses investigating and as soon as they heard a friendly voice they wagged they gladly showed us around the empty room. They were so sweet and so innocent and completely lost.

The footage of this rescue as published with their owners consent on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and you’ll see the little sweethearts climb warily into the van and leave their chaotic life behind. They arrived safely in emergency foster and have been amazing from day 1.

At the end of February 2021, Princess and Cyrus got their happily-ever-after with wonderful new owners. We look forward to sharing their home updates with you.