Myla (Now Known as Lilo)

Myla the French bulldog puppy joined us in August 2021 after we received a call from her owners in distress.

She was surrendered by her most recent home after just two days with them. They had rehomed her through a Facebook advert and hadn’t been fully informed about her struggles with other dogs, things didn’t go well with their existing resident Frenchie. This put them in the heartbreaking position of needing to rehome her, with protecting their first dog being a priority.

They attempted to privately rehome her themselves but quickly realised how at risk she was, with many untrustworthy people wanting to buy her for back street breeding. They made the best decision for her and chose to seek rescue assistance, saving her from a life of suffering by breaking the cycle of being rehomed privately for money as she had already been previously, several times. We know she has been passed from 5 or more previous homes in her short life before arriving here.

Myla had developed guarding traits and nervous behaviours after living in multiple homes with resident dogs, forced to share a food bowl with one resource guarding dog for 9 months of her life. Some of her struggles are down to genetics, she has learned the rest from her past environments and their instability, lack of understanding & negative training methods.

She progressed so well in one of our experienced lifeline foster homes, the intensive training plan worked a treat and her trainers are thrilled to see how things have turned around. We are very pleased to announce that she was officially adopted in March 2022 and continues to share her updates on our social media pages.