Lexi – Adopted!

Lexi the Border Collie Puppy arrived on the 4th of January 2021 at 4 months old.  We were contacted with the news that her elderly owners had Covid pneumonia and were unable to get her veterinary attention for sickness, diarrhea and weight loss. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to give her the care, training and work that she needed moving forward they decided that a new home was the only option for her.

She was in our van within the hour and on her way to foster with our resident Collie experienced trainer Ozzie and his pack of national champions, since then a lot has changed in her world!

The cause of her stomach complaint was found to be diet related, now that she is eating high-quality food she has gained 1.5kg in a little over 2 weeks! Her vet is pleased with her progress which is fantastic news.

She hadn’t had many walks so the outside world can be overwhelming for her but with the opportunity to explore each day she is quickly gaining confidence.

She is having a lot of fun visiting dog parks, nature areas with lots to sniff and practicing lead skills walking in residential areas. Her recall is coming along nicely too.

She will need continued support with socialisation and training moving forward, her ideal adopter is one with lots of time and enthusiasm and confident older dogs at home who can help teach her the house rules.

Please keep an eye on her Facebook posts for regular updates, you can scroll back through to find out what sort of working home she is looking for, how her training is coming along and see her video diaries from her days out!


Lexi is now happily adopted & thriving! 🐾