Hugo – Applications Closed!


Hugo started his rehabilitation journey in kennels with us 2019, if you’ve been following his story you’ll have seen his incredible transformation (his previous video diaries are all available to watch on Facebook and Instagram)

After a number of months he progressed to living on a peaceful smallholding to continue his training and has since overcome all of his struggles with trauma based fear aggression and guarding. His plan was to find his paws and transition slowly to a home environment and the first part of that has been very successful.

As you may know Hugo has two paths to choose from for his future:

The first is to move in with his favourite volunteer Andrew who has been by his side for every stage of his rehabilitation from the kennels to his farm placement, they completely adore eachother and have become the best of friends.

The second is to stay at the farm which is the first place he has been truly happy and whole with the freedom to be himself, because his dedicated foster carer has agreed to offer him full adoption with continued visits from Andrew if the final stage of the process concludes that it’s what Hugo would most like.

Everyone involved with Hugo’s care would love to be the one to give him his final forever home but what we all want most is for Hugo to choose for himself where he will live and still be able to enjoy time with all of his favourite people.

His foster carer knows him best and has been assisting with visits to Andrew’s home, giving her advice on how to make him feel comfortable and how to set the boundaries he needs.

So far Hugo hasn’t let her know his decision but he is having his best summer yet surrounded by the people he loves.

We still have a large amount of funds to raise to cover what has been spent on Hugo’s care so far, if you can help please donate what you can. Every penny makes a huge difference.

It’s with thanks to your donations & support we are able to continue rescuing & rehoming, giving a new life to more dogs just like Hugo.