Harvey - success story from Spirit of the Dog

Harvey was brought to our attention by a family member who wanted to help him find a fresh start, he was already 10 years old and had been struggling with various aspects of life for some time. His owners had rescued him from somebody who had kept him locked in a downstairs bathroom for his whole upbringing and had worked hard to help him get past his fears but when one of his carers fell very ill the dynamic at home changed again.

Harvey was put up for adoption and began visiting the kennel grounds for training in the exercise field, pack walks with the other walks and lots of positive work surrounding taking his harness on and off with a family member for support.

It was apparent that a kennel environment would have been much too much for him to handle and our behaviourist saw him every week to help turn things around whilst he was on the look out for a home to spend the rest of his days in.

Harvey - success story from Spirit of the Dog
Harvey - success story from Spirit of the Dog

The more we got to know Harvey the more we found out, and it was decided that his psychological trauma runs so deep that situations would be too much to cope with in another new home environment. The safest option for Harvey was to have more intensive behaviourist work at home where they had managed his needs for most of his life- outside of the pandemic restrictions he has long walks each week with a qualified team member who can continue to support and advise his owners as his quality of life improves again.

Keeping a dog with the family they love is always the preferred option and Harvey didnt have to lose his loved ones after all, he continues to send us lovely updates and can’t wait to lick our faces when we arrive for his visits, we are so proud of his achievements

Pop back soon to watch the compilation video of his training journey at Spirit of the Dog