In April 2020 our beautifully bonkers Betsy came through the door, a very upbeat little fluff ball with a huge personality who had been found in london all alone. She sadly ended up unclaimed in a council pound and came to us to find her new beginning.

Betsy had progressed to foster care and was ready to find her forever home when a persistent cough prompted lots of tests at the vets, uncovering Tracheal Collapse, Pneumonia and Bronchitis and on the 9th of May she was given a life expectancy of just 2-3 months.

Does Betsy listen to negative talk like that? Of course not!

Thanks to your donations she has access to the best possible treatment and is maintaining a great quality of life in a loving foster home like she deserves, she doesn’t let her condition get her down and is an inspiration to us all.

Her specialist treatment and medication has now cost over £4000 and we desperately need your help to make sure that she doesn’t lose her life when she’s nowhere near ready to leave us. If you are able to help Betsy with a small contribution to her life saving treatment we would be forever grateful to you.

Follow her progress updates on our Facebook  page and on her instagram account @saveourbetsy.