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Archie - success story from Spirit of the Dog

Gorgeous Archie was being bullied by the original resident dog in his home and life wasn’t as fun as he’d hoped it would be. Then something terrible happened,  he was given a death sentence by an irresponsible trainer, someone who judged him based on a description over the phone from owners who couldn’t read his body language. They misinterpreted some of his movements as aggression and he was wrongly labelled, thank goodness his owners spoke to one of our volunteers by chance just before the worst could happen!

Archie - success story from Spirit of the Dog
Archie - success story from Spirit of the Dog

Whilst in our care he enjoyed pack walks and time off lead in the enclosed exercise field, days out to local pubs and parks and he learned to chase and tear around happily with another resident dog, his best friend Benji. He was able to find a fantastic foster placement and we learned that he behaved beautifully indoors and was ready for his forever home.

He has settled in really well with his new family and we love receiving regular updates, he has popped back to visit for extra socialisation walks and playtime with Benji who is now in lifetime foster. All of the updates have been documented on our facebook page for you to look though .

Come back soon to see the compilation video of his journey through rescue to a new life!

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