More about Maggie

Are you ready to welcome a whirlwind of happiness into your home? Meet Maggie, a spirited and lovable collie crossbreed whose zest for life is as boundless as her energy. With her heart full of enthusiasm and paws ready to embark on new adventures, Maggie is on the lookout for a family that can match her excitement and guide her through the wonders of the world.

Maggie’s journey so far has been one of patience and hope. Having spent over a year in kennels, she’s eagerly awaiting the right family to open their hearts and home to her. This young girl is a companion ready to fill your days with joy and laughter. However, Maggie is a diamond in the rough, a high-spirited soul in need of a family sensitive to her needs and willing to embrace her at her pace.


As a collie crossbreed, Maggie possesses an abundance of energy and intelligence. She approaches life with a gusto that is both endearing and infectious. Yet, beneath her excitable exterior lies a sensitive girl who thrives amongst people dedicated to understanding what she has to say, and patiently teaching her about the world.


Maggie is strong in character and body – sometimes while she’s still on the lead! She needs extra support around roads, as her collie side really comes to the forefront when there are cars nearby. Maggie finds meeting new people exciting, but she needs a family who can recognise that sometimes her high energy carries some anxiety, and work with her to make these moments feel safe and more relaxed.

With the help of her dedicated Wellbeing Team, Maggie has started learning critical skills necessary for navigating the complexities of the world. Her forever family will need to continue this journey with her, working closely with our team to build on the foundations we’ve laid together.

Preparing for home life again

Having spent over a year in kennels, transitioning to a loving home will be a significant change for Maggie, one that requires time, patience, and lots of love. She’s learning to adapt to the sights and sounds of everyday life, and with ongoing support and gentle guidance, Maggie will blossom into the joyful companion we know her to be. Her new family will need to take things slow – Maggie will be up for plenty of outdoor adventures, particularly in the countryside where she can follow her nose! But road walks and house visitors will need to be more gradually introduced.

Maggie’s future family

We’re looking for a special family for Maggie – a family that understands the beauty of building a bond with a dog like her, recognising the rewards that come with calm and mutual respect. It’s not just about finding Maggie a place to live; it’s about finding her a home where she can thrive, love, and be loved.

If you believe you have the heart, the home, and the dedication to embark on this rewarding journey with Maggie, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can offer her the forever home she’s been dreaming of – a place where she can finally let her guard down and discover the true meaning of family.

Join us in making a difference in Maggie’s life. Let’s show her the world through the eyes of love and understanding. Click below to submit an application today and find out how you can become a part of her story!