Spirit of the Dog is run entirely by volunteers, so we have no staffing costs and all money raised is used to benefit the dogs in our care. However, costs for vet treatment and kennel fees are always expensive. Every donation makes a huge difference and allows us to continue rescuing, supporting and rehoming dogs in need.

Regular, monthly donations give us a stable budget to keep operating, and one-off donations contribute to the vital daily work and care required for our dogs; we kindly ask you to consider pledging to us.

Sponsor a Kennel

Dogs like Kiki and Maggie need kind donors to support their stays in kennels.

While we search for their forever home, we urgently need help to cover the monthly costs for their:

  • food
  • vet care
  • vaccinations
  • important enriching toys and activities

to make their stays with us as comfortable as possible.

How to donate to Spirit of the Dog Rescue

If you would like to donate through PayPal that would be very much appreciated, please select ‘friends and family’ to make sure you don’t receive any charge for the transaction. Our Address is: 

Alternatively just click any of the ‘Donate Now’ buttons on this site.

If you would like to donate through bank transfer that would be very much appreciated. Our bank details are:

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 30 92 09

Account Number: 01171174

These are a social enterprise committed to helping Charities generate donations. As part of their mission, they commit each year to give away up to £500,000 in grants which they fund out of the income that we earn. As a social enterprise they earn money by helping connect charities with donors, featuring charities to find them more supporters and by earning a small platform fee when people donate via MyGivingCircle. From time to time socially responsible companies also come on-board to sponsor grants.

So, please donate to us, and also vote for “Spirit of The Dog” today and get us one step closer to sharing in those funds!

If you would like to help a good cause at no extra cost to you whilst doing your online shopping, easy fundraising is the way to do it!

  • Search ‘easy fundraising’ online
  • Choose ‘Spirit of the Dog Rehabilitation Fund’ as your chosen charity
  • Search for any retailer you want via the search bar or browse for participating companies
  • Follow the link to the products you want and start shopping!
  • When you check out, the company will donate a percentage of your bill to our dogs
  • Click here to try it out!

If you shop at Pets at Home you can select Spirit of the Dog as your nominated charity on your VIP card which will add points to the dogs’ vouchers each time you shop.

You can select a charity by logging into your VIP app or speaking to the staff at the till!

Fundraisers on Facebook are a really easy way to help raise essential funds.

  • Type ‘Fundraisers, into the search bar and select the red and white icon,
  • Select ‘Raise Money’,
  • Look for ‘Spirit of the Dog Rescue’ in the search bar,
  • Let your frieends know why you want to support our dogs when prompted to write a post,
  • You’re ready to go!

Leaving a legacy in your will is one of the best ways of ensuring that we can continue our valuable work. Nearly all of our work is paid for by donations. A gift in your will, however small or large, can help ensure we can always be here for every Spirit Dog throughout their lifetime.

By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes, and the people and causes you care about, are provided for. After providing for your family
and friends remembering us in your will means you can shape our future, ensuring that Spirit of the Dog Rescue can continue our mission to rescue and responsibly rehome dogs in need.

Every single gift is vital to us and we appreciate any gift you may choose to leave us. Whatever the value of your gift, it will go a long
way to help another dog who needs us.

It will not cost you a penny during your lifetime. It is simple to do and is free from inheritance tax.

All gifts, whatever their size make a real difference. It truly is a gift of a lifetime.

We thank you in advance for making a generous, thoughtful contribution.

Create a Free will here.

Donate the amount needed to cover the cost of 2 weeks emergency kennelling


Donate the amount needed to cover neutering for a
small dog


Donate the amount needed for a full course of vaccinations


Donate the amount needed for one dog’s flea and worm treatment


Donate the amount needed for a safe new harness


Donate the cost of microchipping a dog


Donate the cost of a new collar & tag


Donate the cost of a new training lead


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