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Welcome to our dog rescue committee page! Our team is a dedicated group of animal lovers, united by a passion for giving every dog a chance at a loving home. With a range of expertise from canine care coordination to financial stewardship, our dog rescue committee works tirelessly to ensure the welfare and proper rehoming of every dog in our care. Get to know the hearts and minds driving our mission forward.

Jenna Miller (Canine Care Coordinator & Committee Chairwoman)

Meet Jenna Miller, our go-to person for all things dog care and the heart behind our committee’s efforts. As our Canine Care Coordinator and Committee Chairwoman, Jenna’s all about making sure our rescued dogs get the love, care, and attention they deserve. She’s got a knack for understanding what each dog needs and works tirelessly to make sure they get it. Leading our committee, Jenna’s all about teamwork, bringing fresh ideas to the table to help our beloved friends find their forever homes. She’s the driving force that keeps us moving forward, making a real difference in the lives of dogs and their new families.

Nicola Miller (Treasurer & Trustee)

Nicola Miller is the guardian of our finances, keeping everything on track as our Treasurer and Trustee. She’s the reason we can do what we do, making sure every penny is spent wisely to help our dogs. From medical care to cosy beds, Nicola makes it happen. Her smart financial planning means we can help even more dogs in need. As a Trustee, she’s all about honesty and doing things right, making sure we’re a charity you can trust and support with confidence.

Maddie Thompson (Secretary)

Say hello to Maddie Thompson, the organisational wizard behind the scenes. As our Secretary, Maddie keeps us all in check, making sure everything runs like clockwork. She’s a whiz at keeping records straight and making sure we’re all on the same page, so we can focus on what’s really important: the dogs. Thanks to Maddie, we’re able to work efficiently and transparently, always putting our best paw forward in everything we do.

Fiona Barrett (Dog Training Supervisor & Trustee)

Fiona Barrett is our star Dog Training Supervisor, passionate about teaching dogs new things and helping them settle into their new homes. Fiona’s approach is all about fun, reward-based training that gets tails wagging. She focuses on laying solid foundations of learning to make sure our dogs have a good core set of skills and are ready to embrace every adventure with their new family. Her work is crucial in helping our rescued dogs become happy, healthy and homed.

Lois Day (Graphic Design & Media)

Meet Lois, the creative genius behind the vibrant and heartwarming graphic designs that bring the spirit of our charity to life. Not only does Lois have an eye for design, but she’s also deeply woven into the fabric of our community, having opened her home as a foster carer and even adopting one of our rescues into their forever family. Lois’ dedication extends beyond the canvas; she often joins in supporting the relocation and handover of welfare cases. Through her artistic talent and hands-on support, Lois embodies the multifaceted support system that Spirit of the Dog Rescue prides itself on; capturing the essence of our mission.

Cierón O’Regan (Web & General Ops)

Cierón is a qualified canine behaviourist and a versatile member of our Wellbeing Team, who plays a pivotal role in overseeing the welfare and behaviour support for our dogs. Beyond his expertise in behaviour, Cierón lends his talents to enhancing our charity’s website and tackling various administrative tasks, showcasing his diverse skillset. His dedication not only enriches the lives of our dogs through expert guidance but also streamlines our operations, ensuring our message and mission are effectively communicated online. Cierón’s contributions are vital in supporting both our canine and human team members, making him an invaluable asset to Spirit of the Dog Rescue.

Daniella Gouveia (Volunteers & General Ops)

Meet Daniella, a canine behaviourist on our Wellbeing Team, whose expertise is matched by her passion for enhancing our outreach and volunteer coordination. Daniella’s role extends beyond providing behaviour support; she’s also one of the creative forces behind our social media and design efforts, engaging our community and spreading awareness of our cause. Daniella also coordinates of wide pool of volunteers, ensuring everyone is aligned, motivated, and ready to make a difference. Her ability to juggle administrative tasks, alongside her behaviourist duties, showcases her versatility and commitment to Spirit of the Dog Rescue. Daniella’s skills are crucial in fostering a supportive network for our dogs and the people who care for them.

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