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Here is a breakdown of our basic costs:
Parking, fuel and other expenses for day trips, home checks, behavioral visits are currently being paid for by our kind volunteers and team members who are out working with the dogs. Financial contributions and extra hands are always appreciated.
Kenneling for 1 dog including food (We have up to 5 at any one time)- £240
Neutering (depending on the size of the dog and medication needed) £150-300 
Full course of vaccinations   £50
Microchip £20
Flea and worm treatments £30
Julius K9 harness  £26.99
Training lead £8 
Collar £5-10
Collar tag £5-10
New training toys and and brain games vary in price and we are always trying new things with the dogs
Enclosed training field hire £10 per hour
All money donated/raised goes directly into the rescue and all funds are used for the benefit of the dogs in our care.
From vet treatment to kennel fees, every little helps and we truly appreciate all of your help.
Thank you.



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Dog behaviour consultations and training.


Dog behaviour consultations now taking place every 

Wednesday from 2pm - 5pm,

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Dog of the Month!


Our gorgeous 4 year old Border Collie Benji has now been in rescue for nearly a year, he is looking for a working home with lots of collie experience and without children.