Stue the dog


He turned 1 at new year and already he has been through so much. This poor boy was CAGED and STARVED until he became 7 KILOS UNDERWEIGHT. 
He was rescued by some wonderful ladies who have passed him over to us for the next stage in his journey: lots of love, training and most all fun! 
Since he has arrived he has had some intense training and assessments. He has some special needs but with the right owner he is the sweetest little companion you could ever ask for!
When he arrived he has severe muzzle damage on his nose which had formed a bald patch- his fur has now completely re-grown and he has gained 2kg in weight!
He loves people despite all he has experienced in his short life, after being deprived of affection for so long he now suffers from separation anxiety which means his new owner will need a lifestyle where Hugo has company all day.
He has shown huge improvent in his social skills with dogs and is able to interact with them both on lead during walks and off lead in enclosed areas, he loves to play!
One of the most comical dogs we have ever met, he is very bright and eager to please.
He is a real character with a special skill he can climb mesh fencing! This means that his new owner’s garden will need a 6 foot solid wooden fence around the perimeter
He is fully house trained and well behaved indoors, his new owner will need to follow some simple but effective instructions from our behaviourist to help him settle smoothly into his new environment. 
Cats are a big nope, he mustn’t have access to any at all.
A foster contract or month long pre adoption home trial period will be granted with extentions available if needed, and his adopters will be entitled to lifelong support through our rescue back up for life policy
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