Stue the dog


The handsome Bruno!
He is a 2 year old, bouncy, lovable Labrador cross Caucasian Shepherd!
Bruno was due to be put to sleep and came in as a last minute emergency when the vet called us to say- ‘this is the wrong decision- can you help?’
He is a beautiful, affectionate boy who just needed the right environment to thrive and of course we said yes. 
We are looking for a child free home, this is because he has Shepherd traits which cause some manageable and constantly improving nervousness and guarding tendencies in certain situations.
His mother was a Labrador and you can see the water and tennis ball loving, affectionate and comical nature of the breed shine through in his every movement.
His new owner will have an amazing companion for life, they will just need to follow some simple guidelines set out by our behaviourist which will enable him to settle gently into his new environment.

There is always more to every story and we now have this information from his previous owner

Here is what they had to say about him♥

'Bruno was bought by my well intentioned mother in-law as a surprise present for my then 6 year old. It became apparent that he didn't have great start as a pup, someone's dogs had an accidental litter and they were born into a chaotic household.
When he arrived he attached himself to me, he followed me everywhere and would cry if I shut the bathroom door behind me.
I believe he saw it as his role to protect me and my children. This wasn't too much of a concern until the birth of my second child 6 months ago and he began to struggle with the change to his environment and it caused him stress. We realised that we didn't have the right home environment for him and we wanted him to have the best possible life so we made the very difficult decision to re-home him in October.
Bruno was finding it difficult to understand how the children were interacting and playing with the baby, if the baby squealed he would warn the children away. He's a wonderful dog and I love him so much but I have to make the responsible decision for my children.
I took him to the Dogs Trust who wouldn't even assess him, the RSPCA wouldn't look at him and batterseas intake was closed..after trying a few more smaller rescues we finally thought we'd found the answer with Acres Way but after a week they started ignoring my messages..
We ran out of options and we became desperate and ended up at the vets.. it was the worst day.. after he spent the afternoon there they could see that if I wasn't around he was much calmer and he wasn't showing any of the behaviours he had at home.. we had tried training classes ect and although things had improved initially he seemed to feel anxious again after a while and for me the risk was just too great around the children.
It's such a shame that it took getting to breaking point for you wonderful people to give him a chance. I will always be so happy and grateful to you because he can be such a wonderful loving dog.
He is fine with other dogs, he used to come with me once a week to a family member with a Collie, Frenchie and shittzu (who was his favorite), apart from some boisterous play there were never any problems. On walks when he sees dogs he can be cautious and sometimes bark but settles quickly.
I feel so much better for talking to you, now I can relax a bit! I miss him terribly but I look forward to seeing his updates on the page'

We believe that Bruno is a very affectionate and loving dog who needs to find the right owner to give him a new start in life.

All of our dogs have rescue backup for life, for more information on this and our rehoming policy click here



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