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Part of the work we do in the community involves providing low cost training and behavioral support to owners who are considering surrendering their dogs to rescue.
We deal with all kinds of behavioural difficulties and are happy to help as many dogs as we can. Most rescue dogs start as someone's pet and prevention is just as important as a cure! The most common reason for a surrender is that there is a lack of communication and understanding between dog and owner.
As we don't speak the same language it is so important to train our dogs and teach them hand signals and commands, to use our body language correctly and to be mindful of how we verbalise. A large percentage of the time this intervention can turn the lives of both dogs and owners around and create a better line of communication between them which is the ideal outcome.
On occasions where owners cannot cope and still feel that they want to surrender their dog we can put a plan in place to ensure the dog is rehabilitated here with us and rehomed responsibly *subject to kennel space- if we are full we will assist owners in finding another reputable rescue* If you're local to Essex and need our help please message the page Harley was brought to our attention after being placed on a local facebook sales page, here's how he got on 🐾




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Our gorgeous 4 year old Border Collie Benji has now been in rescue for nearly a year, he is looking for a working home with lots of collie experience and without children.