Spirit of the Dog - Saving Dogs from Death Row

Helping rehome last chance dogs around Essex through rehabilitation,
educate the public especially in safety around dogs with children and dog welfare
in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering towards dogs.

Stue the dog

Dog Behavioural Help

As rehabilitation is a major part of our ethos, we are happy to help families with training/behavioural needs. We believe thousands of dogs are put to sleep every year due to behaviour issues that are completely reversible. Dogs learn behaviour and we are to blame for most of the behavioural issues dog trainers see every day. Our committee members, Claudine and Jane, are both qualified behaviourists. We can offer home visits for any behavioural issue. If you are on benefits we can even offer subsidised visits.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. If more people worked on the behavioural issues within their household, it would save so many innocent dogs from death.

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Spirit of the Dog Show!

Spirit Dog Day

September 20, 2015

11am to 4pm FREE ENTRY

Weeley Car Boot Field

Companion dog show, agility, flyball, stalls, refreshments

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New home for Loki!

Loki, the year old Rottweiler cross Dobermann, is our latest dog to be rehomed