Spirit of the Dog - Saving Dogs from Death Row

Helping rehome last chance dogs around Essex through rehabilitation,
educate the public especially in safety around dogs with children and dog welfare
in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering towards dogs.

Stue the dog

Contact Spirit of the Dog

Email us on info@spiritofthedog.org.uk


Phone numbers:


Claudine Tisbury, behaviourist, rehoming, 07999 518244

Jane Nettleton, secretary, behaviourist, 07962 401156

Lorraine King, chairman, 07812 731580

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Table top sale!

SATURDAY, November 10

9am to 1.30pm

Beaumont Village Hall




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New home needed for

Border Collie puppy

5 month old puppy Jimmy has been surrendered by his disabled owner who felt couldn't give him enough exercise. Jimmy would make a fantastic working dog or companion to a breed experienced owner. He is in kennels waiting for a home.